VC Sample Pack Vol. I


VC Sample Pack Vol. I

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VC Sample Pack Vol. I


  • 62 Drum loops

Drum loops include the BPM so you can drop them and your project and go. 


  • 5 beat inspiration kits with stems and midi

Each kit contains:


a demo track, 

the individual wav stems, 

and the midi files.


  • 5 instrumentals

All instrumentals are free to use for non- profit purposes. 

For exclusive rights contact


Bonus Content : Free Sample library

29 samples

Put them in reverse, chop em, flip em, pitch em or throw them on top of one of the drum loops. 

All samples were hand chopped by VC and ran through Slate Digital’s Virtual Tape Machine to give them that “massive, warm, rich sound” .

This is a really nice pack for sample based producers, as well as a great aid for artist who are looking to start making their own beats.The beat inspiration kit will allow you to dissect what goes into making a beat. It is intended to help get rid of beat block and you will also be able to take some ideas, sample / flip everything in your own way.

"I wanted to make something that would be good for producers as well as help artist who are producing their own music; and make it at a price thats reasonable. " 


  • 62 drum loops
  • 5 Beat Inspiration Kits
  • 5 instrumentals 
  • 29 Samples 

Total 178 files.

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